Situated on the Floodplains of the Martuwarra Fitzroy River, Balginjirr is our paradise on earth. 

This is our traditional homelands, we have and know the name of the sacred Balginjirr ridge and the Living Water, billabong. We have an intimate relationship with all things ‘alive’ : the trees, birds, the animals and reptiles, the community, the moon and stars, the ridge, and the billabong. 


To ensure our cultural, heritage and economic rights for all of our children’s children remain grounded in our connection to Country we have constructed the Majala Wilderness Centre. A central hub and home for remote education, training, and conference facilities, complete with 12 cabins, and a commercial kitchen. 


Nyikina Nation is currently facing extreme pressure to have our sacred homeland destroyed by a massive Diamond mine.  We have watched what has happened to the Kija at Lake Argyle, and the Bunuba at Ellendale. We stand together to not let the same mistake be repeated.


Australia was shocked recently when we saw the horrendous destruction of Jukan Gorge and we ask you to stand with us and say Never Again can Country of great Cultural and Environmental be destroyed by the hands of Greed.

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