Marlikka Perdrisat

Marlikka is an emerging film Director, Producer, and Editor. As a Nyikina Warrwa and Wangkumara Barkindji Marlikka feels a deep sense of responsibility to spread awareness of First Law, the guiding principles that First Peoples generated over eons to govern the diverse bioregions within the landmass currently known as Australia. Her first project 'Concepts of Country' is a collection of short videos made in the Kimberley region of Western Australia to explain the meaning of words that are vital to living with Country.  The series is being used as course content across a number of Universities and in Top Tier Law Firms, influencing the next wave of legal and academic minds of Australia. 

Most recently Marlikka has Directed, Produced and Edited the third season of Common Ground’s Bedtime Stories - Joe Nangan’s Dreaming. Which is adapted from the book Joe Nangan’s Dreaming. Joe was a senior Nyikina custodian of legends and law, songs and stories. The series is an example of how metaphor is used to pass down First Law in a poetic and memorable way to our future generations.