Sounds of Nyikina Language

These are the sounds of Nyikina Nganka.

The example English words contain the closest equivalent sounds to Nyikina.

‘rd’ is like how people from the USA pronounce ‘card’.

‘rr’ is almost a soft ‘d’ sound. Like when Italian people say ‘Maria’

The ‘k’ sound in Nyikina is halfway between the English ‘k’ and hard ‘g’ sounds.

Similarly the Nyikina ‘b’ sound can also sometimes be closer to ‘p’, as in ‘spell’.

A special thank you to Jeannie Warbie, Lucy Marshall, Gracie Mulligan, Virginia Westwood, Colleen Hattersley and all who contributed to ‘Birramana Nyikina Nganka’ and ‘Birr Nganka Nyikina’.